Hidden Gems: The LOTUS

When I’m looking for my next adventure, I usually try to find things that aren’t well known to a lot of people. I like visiting things with minimal tourists and other visitors.


I was using my beloved Google one day to find out where I wanted my next adventure to be, that was both awesome and cheap (or free!) and came across the LOTUS. The LOTUS stands for the Light of Truth Universal Shrine. It is dedicated to interfaith understanding and the Light within all faiths. They have alters dedicated to every religion. So I called up my adventure partner, Casey and we planned a day to drive to it. It’s in a small town in the western part of Virginia called Buckingham.

We got to this building that looked like a village. Turns out this place is called Yogaville and you can actually stay here and take Yoga classes and meditate and basically become the calmest person ever. Sounds amazing right? Anyways, we started off on this trail through the woods. We didn’t really have a clue where we were going.


This is a “bridge”

We walked for maybe almost a mile, wondering if we were even going in the right direction, until we come up over this hill and see this magnificent building off in the distance. I had to stop and just stare at it for a minute.


Shout out to Casey being an awesome photographer!

It was amazing. I felt like I had stepped into a different world altogether. This place was in the middle of no where surrounded by mountains and a lake. I would have stayed all day, but it was hot and I was dehydrated after walking up this steep hill thinking I was going to die.


Nothing like a break by the fountain

It was one of the best things I have ever seen, in my personal opinion. Walking up on it was breath taking. It was so quiet and peaceful and the people that were there visiting or there to meditate looked so happy and calm.




If you ever get a chance, please visit the LOTUS, but please be respectful and dress appropriately. Your knees must be covered, and there is no talking within the temple. Take this time to reflect, pray, meditate, whichever it is that brings peace to you. It’s simply amazing


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