Why I Quit My Job & What’s Next

Being an adult is stressful, this is a well known fact. We get up every day and go to an unfulfilling job, working scheduled hours that we hate, to pay bills for things we don’t really need but convince ourselves that we do. All that just to never use or see them because we are always working.

I have been working at a major chain salon since I became licensed in 2014. When I first started, I was fresh out of beauty school, nervous as hell and didn’t have a clue what the industry was about. I knew the basics, obviously. I knew highlights were always in fashion and blondes have more fun (except for bold red heads, like my freshly colored self). What I did not know however, was the underlying cut throat pettiness that comes from some of the men and women in this industry.

Don’t get me wrong, cosmetology is an awesome, lucrative field with some amazing men and women who are in this field for the right reasons. Those are the people I admire and the people I wanted to be when I first entered the field. What I ended up with though, was working a full time job, with crazy hours, shitty pay and nothing to show for it. Even worse, the manager I was working under is not an ideal person to work for if you want to leave your self worth intact. After almost four years with the company, I did exactly what my mother would have a heart attack over. I quit.

I put my two weeks notice in, without another job lined up, and just said “screw it”. I knew how much of a bad idea that was. I knew I was going to have to figure out how to pay my bills. I also had zero job prospects lined up. I was in a sense starting from scratch.

Over the next few days that led up to the point of this article, I thought long and hard about what I want out of this life. I’ve always been kind of a wanderlust. A person with a taste for life outside of time constraints and nine to five jobs just to go to sleep and do it all over again. I know realistically I’ll be getting another job I’ll probably hate again in a year or so, but this time, I have a plan.

After five minutes of deliberation and a “you only live once” attitude, I called my mom and told her I’m moving to San Diego in July. I don’t have a job lined up there either. I’m scared out of my mind, for the record. I don’t know what I will be doing in a year’s time, let alone in three months time when I’m actually residing in California, but I’ve realized that it’s okay. I’ve always lived complacently in a box of certainty knowing that no matter what I was in a fail safe place living in this sweet old state of Virginia. But safe is boring. Safe is uneventful, unfulfilling and depressing. Safe is not the way I want to live.

So while a lot of people (or probably just my mom) will read this and say, “This chick is psycho”. You’re right, but I’m psycho in the best way.

Peace out Virginia, you can find me soaking up the sun on the West Coast.



Hidden Gems: The LOTUS

When I’m looking for my next adventure, I usually try to find things that aren’t well known to a lot of people. I like visiting things with minimal tourists and other visitors.


I was using my beloved Google one day to find out where I wanted my next adventure to be, that was both awesome and cheap (or free!) and came across the LOTUS. The LOTUS stands for the Light of Truth Universal Shrine. It is dedicated to interfaith understanding and the Light within all faiths. They have alters dedicated to every religion. So I called up my adventure partner, Casey and we planned a day to drive to it. It’s in a small town in the western part of Virginia called Buckingham.

We got to this building that looked like a village. Turns out this place is called Yogaville and you can actually stay here and take Yoga classes and meditate and basically become the calmest person ever. Sounds amazing right? Anyways, we started off on this trail through the woods. We didn’t really have a clue where we were going.


This is a “bridge”

We walked for maybe almost a mile, wondering if we were even going in the right direction, until we come up over this hill and see this magnificent building off in the distance. I had to stop and just stare at it for a minute.


Shout out to Casey being an awesome photographer!

It was amazing. I felt like I had stepped into a different world altogether. This place was in the middle of no where surrounded by mountains and a lake. I would have stayed all day, but it was hot and I was dehydrated after walking up this steep hill thinking I was going to die.


Nothing like a break by the fountain

It was one of the best things I have ever seen, in my personal opinion. Walking up on it was breath taking. It was so quiet and peaceful and the people that were there visiting or there to meditate looked so happy and calm.




If you ever get a chance, please visit the LOTUS, but please be respectful and dress appropriately. Your knees must be covered, and there is no talking within the temple. Take this time to reflect, pray, meditate, whichever it is that brings peace to you. It’s simply amazing

Exploring Richmond: Maymont Park

I was talking to my friend Casey one day about how I wanted to start exploring Virginia and seeing what this common wealth state had to offer. I had a list written on computer paper of all these places I wanted to visit and he said to me, “you should add Maymont Park on there.” I didn’t even have to look it up to know it’d be cool. Casey is like my Mr. Miagi of exploring. He tells me about all these cool places he finds, and he is also my travel partner for my trip to Iceland coming up in  September. So a few weeks later, I got in my car and headed an hour away up to Richmond, VA to check out Maymont Park.


The Maymont Mansion.

Maymont Park is a 100-acre Victorian estate built in 1893 by Major James H. Dooley and his wife, Sallie. It has the Maymont Mansion which is now a historic house museum, an arboretum, formal gardens, native wildlife exhibits, children’s farm, and so much more.

If you would like to know more and plan a day here, you can visit here.

I got there around 11 in the morning and was already sweating from the humid weather of Virginia. I walked in and dropped in $5 into the donation box. Entering Maymont is free, but I always try to donate when I can. Not only does it help keep these places free to the public but it helps keep these properties nice for the visitors.


I felt like a victorian girl walking through here. It was like stepping into another time. I put my phone away, except to take pictures and just enjoyed the view and all the things the park had to offer.


I’m a sucker for stairs. I always love to see where they lead, and it did not disappoint. These stairs led to a trail, which came up to this beautiful waterfall.


I mean, really?!

I sat on a rock by the waterfall for about an hour. It was relaxing and the sounds of the water running was like natures music. There were people around the waterfall, which kind of took away from it, but none the less it was magical. I would have never guessed there was a mini waterfall sitting in the middle of an estate in Richmond Virginia. It amazes me the things that are right infront of our eyes that we miss because we aren’t looking.


I know this isn’t a very detailed post about the park and my visit, but there are some things you need to see for yourself. Sometimes when you go somewhere without expecting anything, you come out better than you were before. Too often do we hold expectations to things in life and always end up disappointed. The best thing about finding new experiences and discovering things around us is that we don’t expect anything, so we get to fully enjoy the moment.

Would you ever visit Maymont Park? If you have, tell me what you liked the most in the comments! If you have never been tell me another place you have been that you came out with a new perspective!

From Couch Potato To Explorer

Hi guys! I’m Breanna. IMG_4429

I’m a full time hairstylist, full time student and part time mini explorer. I am 26 years old and survive off coffee (really just any caffeine), the occasional Netflix binge and more recently my growing desire to see the world. I live in a small city in Virginia, and while I love it here, I was getting bored.

We have all been there. You work 40 hour work weeks and on your days off you do the same things. You wake up, clean, run errands, maybe go out with friends, or maybe you sit at home the whole day with nothing but your sweats you wouldn’t even let your mother see you in, and a bag of snacks and you sit and binge watch Orange is the New Black. That used to be me. Still is me more than I would like it to be. So I started planning, and researching. I knew currently my bank account wouldn’t allow me to be the world traveler that I wish to be, so I started small. I planned a hike up to the Roanoke area in Northern Virginia (also referred to as NoVa). There are three different hikes in the area I was headed, and I only had enough time off work to do one. So i chose Mcafee Knob.

I called one of my best friends and told him to take these two days off, because we were going on an adventure.


Say hi to Mitchell!


So, we packed up what we would need for a day hike, and got in the car to drive 4 hours out to this mountain I had read about. We got in late at night and rented a hotel and then went and got more Burger King than is probably healthy. We were off to a good start. The next morning came and we awoke right as the sun was coming up, and put on our hiking clothes and headed for the trail that would take us to the top.



3.9 miles. Easy, we thought. We were somewhat wrong. Both of us are smokers (gross, I know) and after consuming more fast food than is healthy for any living human the night before, I knew we probably were going to struggle after about the first half mile.


Looks fun right?!

One mile in, my thighs were screaming and my butt was hurting in ways I wasn’t sure were normal, but we pressed on. After drinking a lot of water, we discovered this small outhouse along the trail. It smelled like someone had left Taco Bell in there when the chain first opened and it’s been there ever since. I held my breath like a professional swimmer under water, entered the out house and more than likely made the fastest recorded bathroom visit in the history of man kind. I came out, breathed in the sweet sweet fresh air, and we pressed on.

Now, the cool thing about most of the trails along the Appalachian Trail is, they have these shelters you can crash at during the night if you’re a backpacker or just want to spend the night in the woods. They also have campsites too. While they look more like an empty field of grass and a possible battle of picking tics off your body the next day, it looked pretty cool.


The campsites and shelters were really close to the start of the trail (about 1.9 miles in)


We trekked on, only stopping occasionally when one of us felt like we left a leg or other working body part on the trail behind us, and to switch out the batteries of my GoPro. It took us roughly 2 and a half hours to get to the top. I was hot, sweaty, out of breath and really thinking about the burger I was going to inhale later on that day when we left to head back home.

When you get to the top, the Knob doesn’t appear right away, there are some trees still when you’re coming out of the trail, but when you get through the opening, get ready to take in your surroundings. There have only been a few times in my life when my breath was taken away; Once when I jumped into the lake in the end of winter in my hometown in Michigan, and the day my niece was born. This view was the third.


Who knew Virginia looked like this?

It was windy up at the top, and my hair was everywhere and my fingers were cold. Normally, I’d complain but the view over took any thoughts I had as I stood there taking it all in.


The ledge looks scarier in photos, but once you see it in person, it’s a lot bigger and easy to walk out on. It’s the perfect viewing spot to take in some of the Appalachians.



This was the moment that changed things for me. Looking out at the mountains and the houses that looked so small I realized how small we all are compared to the size of this Earth. How much nature there is that has been untouched by many. I also realized that I wanted more days that took my breath away instead of days where I follow the same routine of a boring twenty something adult. Bars are fun, sure. Seeing the world is better. And while  I haven’t traveled much outside of my two home states (Michigan and Virginia) I realized there were places right in front of me that I could explore. I am still learning to get myself out there and to break out of my comfort zone (I just planned a impromptu trip to Iceland), I am taking it one day at a time, and one adventure at a time.